Husitská 502/36
130 00 Praha 3

Billing Address:

Jičínská 226/17
130 00 Praha 3
ID: 05203503
VAT ID: CZ05203503
C 259975, registered at the Prague Municipal Court

Who We Are

We make the lives of hotel owners simpler.

Everything began at the reception of our hotel. We were trying to come up with a way to help overworked receptionists, to prevent confusion and overbooking, and to sell more on multiple sales channels as well as through our own website. We kept looking for ways to automate routine activity and reduce the amount of work to be done where possible. In short, we wanted to minimize work and maximize profits. So we developed SIESTA SOLUTION. During a short time we succeeded in increasing our profit by 30 % and receiving a better rating than the Hilton.

In doing so we developed very efficient software and gained valuable experience and know-how. We made our own lives easier, and now want to offer our solution and experience to other hotel and guesthouse operators. Because sharing makes sense.

We were pleasantly surprised when investors began to take an interest in our product and our company. Our team currently comprises 20 specialists from different disciplines such as hotel management, software development, management, marketing, copywriting, etc. We are growing very quickly, and are constantly looking for skilled programmers and copywriters as well as others who would like to work with us.

SIESTA SOLUTION is a dynamic system, and we are always interested in feedback that helps us learn from our mistakes. We value collective intelligence highly. All members of our organization are equals who understand that a pleasant work environment, sufficient free time and money, as well as social responsibility, are both needs and resources. Even though the main objective of our company is to create a profit by taking good care of our clients, we don’t want to just keep it for ourselves. We also feel responsible for the environment in which we live. We thus want to use this profit to improve it in a suitable way. If you like what we do and how we do it, don’t hesitate to contact. You’ll find your place with us.